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Team/Group Performance Enhancement

Helping teams achieve maximum potential

You may have arrived here if you are a coach or member of a team...

  • Performing worse than expected.

  • Struggling with communication or fighting during tough times in games.

  • That is just forming a new team.

  • In need of leadership training or team bonding.

  • Want to take your team to the next level. 

However you arrived here, I am glad you are here and want to find ways to take your team to the next level.  Read on to see if team/group  sport performance enhancement services might help you and your team.

Teams are amazing…when you are winning.

Teams are full of unique challenges.  They are composed of individuals trying to work together but wanting to achieve individual goals.  Obviously, in success, teams work well, but in periods of challenges, teams start to separate.  For teams to achieve their greatest potential, every member needs to understand the team goal and their individual roles.  The team needs strong leadership and communication.   Such skills likely need to be taught, but are not always taught during practice, suggesting the need for outside help.

If this is you: Excel Sport Psychology can help improve your team relationships to improve overall team success.  It is time for you to consider group/team sport performance enhancement services.

Parent, High School Baseball Player

"Dr. Myrvik has been amazing in helping my son!  My son did not want to see him initially, but they clicked right away and he has been improving in every level since!"
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