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About Excel Sport Psychology

Why Excel?

For several years, I worked in a sports medicine clinic helping athletes of various ages and skill levels with performance, injury, and mental health concerns.  ​Several themes were present: 

  (1) I loved what I do,

  (2) athletes did not always love being there, and

  (3) I will always be limited by the office space.

So, out of these themes, came my vision to start Excel Sport Psychology.  I wanted to find a way to grow what I love.  By providing a virtual format, I can reduce the discomfort and potential inconvenience on athletes and reach a greater geographic range of athletes all while continuing to do what I enjoy.  It is like what I tell my athletes, if you do not like it, you have to change, and that is what I did!​

Why Dr. Myrvk?

As a licensed sport psychologist, I am not just a psychologist that happens to work with athletes or a performance expert that can only do performance.  I obtained a doctoral degree in clinical psychology and became a licensed psychologist allowing me to treat mental health disorders.  In addition, I went on to obtain additional graduate education in sport sciences.  I completed supervised training and an exam qualifying me as a Certified Mental Performance Coach through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, providing me the expertise to work with an athlete population.   


Together, my training moves me beyond most performance enhancement specialists and traditional psychologists to highlight that I am experienced in both sport, sport performance, team performance, athlete injury recovery, and athlete mental health.  Finally, I have received PSYPACT licensure allowing me to deliver telehealth services to individuals in 30 states and performance-based services to anyone in the United States.


Dr. Matthew Myrvik

Clinical Sport Psychologist

I have been providing clinical sport psychology services from middle school to professional athletes in over 20 sports for the past 10 years, with a primary focus on adolescent athletes in elite sports.  I have provided talks/workshops to physicians, trainers, coaches, and teams at various levels.  Given my training, I can provide athletes and organizations mental skills training, but I can also help provide athletes support in sport injury recovery and mental health.  Over the years, I have learned the uniqueness and challenge of athletes and look forward to many more years ahead.  Currently,  I currently serve as the clinical consultant to the Arizona Coyotes of the NHL and provide virtual team services to various collegiate athletics and elite youth sports organizations throughout the US.


  • B.S. Psychology (University of Arizona)

  • M.A. Psychology (University of North Dakota)

  • Ph.D. Clinical Psychology (University of North Dakota

  • Sport Specialization (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

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