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Athlete Mental Health

Helping athletes with stress and mental health


You may have arrived here if your teen is...

  • Struggling to balance being an athlete and other commitments.

  • Feeling like they are disappointing people with their performance.

  • Worrying more.

  • Appearing more mad or sad.

However you arrived here, I am glad you are trying to find ways to help your teen with stress or mood.  Read on to see if athlete mental health services might help.

Not just talk therapy

In my decade of work with athletes, I have learned that although athletes are not at greater risk for mental health concerns, they do have a high level of stress and pressure due to their commitments.  So, working with someone that understands the stressors and life of an elite athlete is important.  I also feel I have an approach athletes prefer.  I do not feel athletes want someone to just “listen” to them while they “solve their own problems.”  My role in the visit is to listen to what the athlete is saying and help provide strategies/techniques to alter thoughts and behaviors that may be impacting stress or mood.  I also try to incorporate as much humor (and sarcasm) as I can to make it entertaining.  I may not be for everyone, but I feel that I have an approach that works for most athletes, especially teens:  collaborative, direct, and fun!

If some of the above statements sound like something that may work for your teen: Excel Sport Psychology can provide help with stress, pressure, and mental health concerns.  Please consider these athlete mental health services.

Parent, High School Baseball Player

"Dr. Myrvik has been amazing in helping my son!  My son did not want to see him initially, but they clicked right away and he has been improving in every level since!"
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