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Hi there! I'm Dr. Matthew Myrvik

I spent the first few years as a psychologist trying to find my true passion.  Then I met the field of sport psychology.  Finding a way to help athletes excel at what they enjoy was truly the job for me!

I specialize in working with individuals and teams at all levels, with a primary focus on adolescent athletes providing strategies to manage the demands of elite sports.  I currently serve as the clinical consultant to the Arizona Coyotes of the NHL and provide virtual team services to various collegiate athletics and elite youth sports organizations throughout the US.

My approach to athletes incorporates problem-solving (with humor) design to achieve performance success and enjoyment, which works well with teens.  I offer this in a virtual setting to provide maximum convenience and comfort, which is important to athletes’ schedules.  


If this approach sounds right for you and your child,  book with Excel Sport Psychology for your sport performance needs!




Individual sport performance enhancement

If you feel like your teen is not enjoying their sport or meeting their ideal potential, there are ways to boost both their skills and well-being. Whether it's on or off the field, learning mental performance skills can make a difference. Strategies like setting goals, visualizing success, staying focused, and managing stress can help you unlock your teen's full potential and enjoy the game even more.


Team performance enhancement

If your team is struggling with success or you want to improve your team’s overall performance, scheduling team performance enhancement services would be ideal.  Working with the team to enhance team building, identify team roles/responsibility, and improve team communication can increase team success.


Athlete injury recovery

Most of the focus on injury recovery in sports is on the physical recovery.  However, concerns with adjustment during injury or being out of the sport for a long time are real.  Concerns with performance upon returning from injury also exist.  If your teen is returning from an injury, they would likely benefit from sport psychology consultation to help make their transition back to sport easier.


Athlete mental health

Athletes experience a high level of stress and pressure.  Having a provider that understands the unique stresses/pressures of athletes is ideal.  If your teen is experiencing high levels of stress /pressure or experiencing mood concerns, they may benefit from athlete mental health services.

"My daughter was struggling with confidence and not playing well before meeting Dr. Myrvik.  She also wanted nothing to do with meeting a therapist.  But, after one visit with Dr. Myrvik, she completely understood why all athletes could benefit from meeting with him.  Now, I have never seen my daughter so happy.  It is so great to have her back."

David, Club Soccer Father

Professional Hockey Player

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