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Sport Injury Recovery

Helping Athletes with the Performance Side of Injury Recovery


You may have arrived here if your teen...

  • Suffered an injury with a long recovery time.

  • Suffered a concussion and is currently sitting out

  • Is very frustrated because they cannot play their sport.

  • Is very worried about falling behind in their sport due to their injury.

  • Is struggling with performance since coming back from their sport.

  • Is worried about getting re-injured since coming back from their injury.

However you arrived here, I am glad want to find ways to help with your teen's injury recovery.  Read on to see if sport injury services might help.

Injuries are just physical… Right?

I spent over a decade working in a sports medicine clinic working with elite athletes during injury recovery.  I learned that while they received their medical treatments, something was still missing. Athletes were worried about falling behind other athletes.  They were frustrated with not being able to play.  They worried about not being good again.  All of this clearly proved to me that athletes needed help on the mental/performance side while recovering from injuries.  Since working alongside such athletes, I have seen recovery times and paths improve tremendously.


If some of the above statements sound like appropriate for your teen athlete: signing up for Excel Sport Psychology will help their recovery.  It is time for you to consider sport injury recovery services for your teen.

Parent, High School Baseball Player

"Dr. Myrvik has been amazing in helping my son!  My son did not want to see him initially, but they clicked right away and he has been improving in every level since!"
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